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Pole Barn Posts
We now offer Timber Technologies - Titan Timbers™ engineered columns from Weekes Forest Products, Inc. for post frame construction! Now all of the structural components of your construction project can be engineered components. We offer 2x6 or 2x8 columns in three or four ply depending on the column spacing and the width and height of the structure and can be engineered for up to a 22 foot wall height!! Ask us about the possibility of specialty engineered posts up to 7 ply too!
Why should you use Titan Timbers™?
Timber Technologies uses SPF uppers which provide the best strength-to-weight ratio for the building trade. Tool and machine friendly, SPF uppers cut, screw, nail and notch quicker and easier,   TO SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY!
Timber Technologies uses #1 SYP lowers for their superior treatability. Permanent two-part Phenol Resorcinol adhesive is cured under 120 psi pressure. No mechanical fasteners are needed to secure a Titan Timber™. Total face gluing resists individual ply seperation, assuring that every column withstands warping and twisting.
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